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Welcome to Madeira, the ultimate destination for golf aficionados seeking a blend of breathtaking courses, perfect weather, and vibrant nightlife. we've crafted the ideal golfing experience for your golf break, ensuring every moment is filled with excitement, from dawn on the fairways to dusk on the dance floor.
Madeira is a golfer's haven,...
Madeira Golf Holidays
Welcome to Madeira, the ultimate destination for golf aficionados seeking a blend of breathtaking courses, perfect weather, and vibrant nightlife. we've crafted the ideal golfing experience for your golf break, ensuring every moment is filled with excitement, from dawn on the fairways to dusk on the dance floor.
Madeira is a golfer's haven, and it's no secret why. Their island boasts world-class golf courses designed to challenge and captivate players of all levels. From the challenging layouts of Palheiro Golf and Santo da Serra Golf to the scenic brilliance of Clube de Golf do Santo da Serra, your golfing aspirations will be met and exceeded here.
Stay at one of the many golf hotels in Madeira and make the most of your Portugal golf holidays. With plenty of options for golf breaks in Portugal, you'll be able to find the perfect package to suit your needs. 
In winter, imagine teeing off under the warm Madeiran sun, surrounded by stunning landscapes. Forget about rainouts and frost delays—Madeira's consistent weather means you can play whenever you desire.
After a day of golf, Madeira's nightlife scene comes alive. Experience the island's vibrant nightlife as you explore charming bars, dine in gourmet restaurants, and dance to the rhythms of local music. Madeira's nightlife adds a touch of glamour to your golf holiday.
Book your Madeira golf holiday today and experience the perfect blend of world-class golf, impeccable weather, and vibrant nightlife. 

Popular Golf Courses in Madeira:

  • Palheiro Golf
  • Santo da Serra Golf Club
  • Clube de Golfe do Santo da Serra
Palheiro Golf is one of the most renowned golf courses in Madeira. It offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Funchal Bay. The course is set within a botanical garden, providing a unique and picturesque setting for golfers.
Santo da Serra Golf Club is another top golf destination in Madeira. The course is in the hills, providing challenging terrain and beautiful views. It has hosted various international golf tournaments over the years.

Clube de Golfe do Santo da Serra golf course, often called Santo da Serra II, complements the main Santo da Serra Golf Club. It offers a different golfing experience and is known for its picturesque holes surrounded by native forests.

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Popular golf accommodations in Madeira:
  • Pestana Golf Resort
  • Casa Velha do Palheiro
  • Quinta do Lorde Resort, Hotel & Marina
  • Vidamar Resorts Madeira
  • Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa
The Pestana Group operates several hotels and resorts in Madeira, some conveniently located near golf courses. The Pestana Golf Resort is top-rated among golfers due to its proximity to the Santo da Serra Golf Club.
Casa Velha do Palheiro Hotel is nestled in the hills above Funchal and offers a tranquil setting with access to the Palheiro Golf Course. The hotel's elegant rooms, beautiful gardens, and on-site spa make it a favourite among golfers.
Quinta do Lorde Resort, Hotel & Marina offers easy access to the Clube de Golfe do Santo da Serra and stunning ocean views. It's a great place to relax after a day on the golf course.
Situated on the Funchal seafront, Vidamar Resorts Madeira provides access to the Palheiro Golf Course, luxurious accommodations, multiple dining options, and a relaxing spa.
Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa is in Calheta and offers ocean and mountain views. It's near the Palheiro Golf Course and features a spa, multiple restaurants, and comfortable rooms.
After the golf:
Madeira is where your golfing adventure continues even after the last hole! Let us take you on a journey through the vibrant offerings of Madeira, designed exclusively for golfers like you.
When the sun sets over the lush greens of Madeira's golf courses, the island comes alive with a captivating nightlife that will leave you enchanted.
Dive into the enchanting world of Madeiran nightlife, where cosy bars, lively clubs, and charming restaurants await your arrival. Sip on locally crafted wines or savour the renowned Poncha cocktail, all while soaking in the melodious rhythms of live Fado music or the pulsating beats of international DJs.
After a day of perfect swings, what could be more rejuvenating than sinking your toes into the warm sands of Madeira's pristine beaches?
With crystal-clear waters and a mild climate all year round, Madeira boasts some of the most picturesque beaches in Europe. Whether you prefer lounging under the sun, indulging in water sports, or exploring hidden coves, Madeira's beaches offer a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.
Beyond the golf course, Madeira is a treasure trove of natural wonders and cultural gems waiting to be explored.
Immerse yourself in the island's rich heritage with visits to the enchanting Mercado dos Lavradores, where you can sample exotic fruits and local delicacies. Explore the captivating Laurissilva Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or take a thrilling levada walk along the island's irrigation channels, offering breathtaking views of Madeira's landscapes.
Madeira's culture is a fusion of Portuguese traditions and unique island charm.
Delight in the warm hospitality of the locals as you immerse yourself in the vibrant festivals and celebrations that dot the island's calendar. Be sure to experience the Monte Toboggan Run, a thrilling tradition that takes you careening down steep hills in wicker sledges guided by skilled carriers.
Madeira is not just a golfer's paradise; it's a haven for those seeking the perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and culture.
From the pulsating nightlife to the serene beaches, local attractions, and captivating culture, Madeira offers an extraordinary post-golf experience that's second to none.
Go and embrace the beauty, energy, and warmth of Madeira – your golfing adventure continues here.


Weather Guide - Madeira:

Madeira's climate is classified as subtropical, with relatively stable temperatures and minimal temperature variations.

The island experiences warm summers and mild winters, making it an ideal destination for golf year-round.

Spring (March to May) is an excellent time for golfing in Madeira. The weather is pleasantly warm, with temperatures ranging from 16°C to 22°C. The island's lush vegetation is blooming this season, creating a picturesque backdrop for golfers.
Autumn (September to November) offers favourable golfing conditions. Temperatures remain comfortable, ranging from 17°C to 24°C. The island is less crowded during this time, allowing for a more peaceful golfing experience.
The hottest months in Madeira are July, with temperatures averaging around 24°C to 28°C and August, with temperatures similar to July, which is great for golfers who prefer warm weather.
Madeira's winters are mild compared to many other destinations, making it suitable for year-round golfing. However, if you prefer cooler conditions, you can plan your golf trip from December to February with temperatures ranging from 14°C to 19°C. While it may be cooler than the rest of the year, it's still comfortable for golfing.
Madeira's consistent climate and diverse golf courses make it an enticing destination for golfers, regardless of the time of year you choose to visit.
Travelling to Madeira:
Are you a golfer in the UK looking for the perfect destination to tee off and enjoy some sunny weather?
If you're departing from London, you're in luck! Direct flights from London to Funchal, Madeira's capital, are readily available. The flight typically takes around 4 hours, allowing you to go from the bustling streets of London to the lush greens of Madeira in no time.
Golfers in Manchester can also access the golfing paradise of Madeira with relative ease. Direct flights from Manchester to Funchal usually take approximately 4 hours. So, pack your clubs, and you'll be hitting the fairways in no time!
Are you departing from Birmingham? You're just a short flight away from Madeira's golfing delights. The flight duration from Birmingham to Funchal is approximately 4 hours, making it a convenient option for golf enthusiasts.
Even those in Scotland can embark on a golfing adventure in Madeira. Flights from Glasgow to Funchal generally take around 4.5 hours. So, enjoy this stunning island's picturesque landscapes and challenging golf courses.
If you're in Edinburgh and itching to play a round of golf in a tropical paradise, you're in luck. Flights from Edinburgh to Funchal typically take around 4.5 hours, making Madeira an accessible destination for golfers in Scotland's capital.
Irish golfers, don't feel left out! Direct flights from Dublin to Funchal are available, with a flight time of approximately 4.5 hours. Madeira's warm climate and top-notch golf courses are calling your name.
Now that you know how convenient it is to reach Madeira from various UK cities, it's time to start planning your golfing escape. Madeira is a golfer's paradise and a beautiful destination for relaxation and exploration.
Your next golfing adventure is just a flight away!


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