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Golf Holidays in Spain at Finca Cortesin in Costa Del Sol

Spain Golf Holidays

Sun, sea, sand, and golf! What more could you ask for in a splendid Spain Golf Holiday? With an abundance of fantastic Golf Courses, excellent accommodation options, and approximately 300 hours of sunshine, a golf break in Spain guarantees warm weather and an opportunity to swap those long trousers and jumpers for more relaxed...
Spain Golf Holidays
Sun, sea, sand, and golf! What more could you ask for in a splendid Spain Golf Holiday? With an abundance of fantastic Golf Courses, excellent accommodation options, and approximately 300 hours of sunshine, a golf break in Spain guarantees warm weather and an opportunity to swap those long trousers and jumpers for more relaxed attire.
Blessed with year-round sunshine and mild temperatures, Spain holds widespread appeal for both vacationers and golf enthusiasts. Indulge in luxurious golf courses, savour remarkable cuisine and local wines at various dining establishments, or unwind amidst golden sands and picturesque vistas.
Many of Spain's golf resorts feature relaxing spas, providing the ideal retreat to pamper yourself and unwind following a round of golf or a leisurely siesta in the Spanish sun. The quality of Spanish cuisine is uncompromising, with an array of tapas bars and gourmet restaurants offering their own unique specialities. Whichever destination you choose, you can rest assured that you'll be treated to the most delectable dishes of Spanish gastronomy.
Spain boasts numerous exceptional golfing resorts, many of which have received prestigious awards and hosted some of golfing history's most iconic moments. With many golf holiday options throughout Spain, you can explore various regions, each boasting award-winning golf courses. From Cadiz in the West, spanning across the picturesque Costas, to PGA Catalunya near Barcelona, you'll be spoiled for choice during your golf holiday in Spain.
While the Costa del Sol remains Spain's most renowned and beloved region for golf holidays, the Murcia Region, home to the La Manga Golf Resort, and the Costa Blanca have introduced several new courses in recent years, firmly establishing themselves as excellent destinations for your next golf break in Spain.
Indeed, golf breaks in Spain are an absolute must!


Popular Golf Courses in Spain:

Whether you’re looking for Championship golf, a relaxing beach break, incredible post-round activities, or to discover somewhere new, there’s a golf break in Spain to suit every group.
Our popular golf courses include:
British golfers have long favoured golf holidays in Spain, and it’s no secret why. With a warm continental climate, beautiful beaches, high-end hotels, a delightful culture, and unbeatable golf courses, golf in Spain is always a treat.
The opportunity to play on exceptional courses extends to the whole of Spain. However, particular attention should be drawn to the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa de la Luz, Murcia, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, and Costa Almeria, all of which have courses of fantastic repute for golfers of all abilities.


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Popular accommodation in Spain:
Experience the epitome of luxury and leisure at the renowned golf hotels and resorts scattered across the captivating landscapes of Spain.
Indulge in a blend of world-class golfing facilities and upscale accommodations, ensuring an unforgettable stay for golf enthusiasts and discerning travellers seeking the perfect balance between sporting excellence and refined relaxation.
  • The Westin La Quinta Golf Resort & Spa
  • Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf & Spa
  • Hotel Camiral at PGA Catalunya Resort
  • La Cala Resort
  • Hotel Almenara
Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury at The Westin La Quinta Golf Resort & Spa, Marbella, offering a serene oasis amidst the stunning vistas of Marbella's picturesque landscape. This 5-star resort combines impeccable service with elegant amenities, promising an unforgettable golfing experience.
Discover the enchanting allure of Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf & Spa, Casares, a 5-star haven where luxurious accommodations merge seamlessly with world-class golfing facilities. Indulge in the resort's lavish offerings and exquisite dining options, ensuring an unparalleled retreat for golfers and travellers.
Unwind in the tranquillity of Hotel Camiral at PGA Catalunya Resort, Girona, boasting a seamless fusion of upscale amenities and captivating surroundings. Embrace the resort's sophisticated charm and access to PGA Catalunya's renowned golf courses, ensuring an extraordinary golfing getaway in the heart of Catalonia.
Experience the ultimate golfing escape at La Cala Resort, Mijas Costa, where three championship courses meet luxurious accommodations and impeccable service. Indulge in the resort's serene ambience and stunning vistas, creating an unparalleled experience for golf enthusiasts and travellers seeking relaxation and sporting excellence.
Discover the enchanting ambience of Hotel Almenara, Sotogrande, offering an exquisite blend of luxury and comfort amidst the breathtaking landscapes of southern Spain. Immerse yourself in the resort's elegant amenities and access to Valderrama and San Roque golf courses, ensuring a remarkable golfing adventure in the heart of Andalusia.
Embrace the allure of Spain's finest golf hotels and resorts, where opulence, impeccable service, and stunning surroundings converge to create an unforgettable golfing experience.
Discover the perfect blend of luxury and leisure as you unwind in these prestigious accommodations, ensuring a memorable retreat that exceeds every expectation.


After the Golf:
Experience the Best of Spain Beyond the Green!
Enhance your golfing journey with the vibrant wonders of Spain! After perfecting your swing on our top-notch golf courses, immerse yourself in an unforgettable Spanish escapade. Indulge in the electrifying Spanish nightlife that never sleeps, offering many bustling clubs, live music venues, and tapas bars brimming with the finest local delicacies and drinks.
Unwind and rejuvenate along the sun-kissed Spanish coast, where pristine beaches offer a sanctuary for relaxation and adventure. Bask in the warmth of the Mediterranean sun while exploring the picturesque shorelines, engaging in thrilling water sports, or simply savouring a tranquil beachfront siesta.
With our exclusive access to Spain's most exquisite coastal hideaways, you can enjoy a seamless blend of luxury and natural beauty, ensuring an unparalleled post-golf retreat.
Delve into Spain's rich cultural tapestry, where every street corner tells a story steeped in history and tradition. Wander through charming Spanish villages, revel in the grandeur of historic landmarks, and delve into the pulsating rhythm of flamenco, a quintessential expression of Spanish heritage. Unearth the secrets of local markets and be tantalized by the aromas of authentic Spanish cuisine, enticing your senses and offering an authentic taste of this enchanting country's soul.
Join us on an unforgettable journey beyond the golf course, where Spain's magnetic nightlife, stunning beaches, and captivating culture converge to create an unparalleled post-golf adventure.


Travelling to Spain:
Embark on your golfing odyssey in Spain with seamless travel from the UK! With flights as short as 2 hours and 30 minutes from London to Malaga, you can swiftly transition from the bustling streets of the UK to the sun-drenched fairways of Spain's renowned golf courses.
Enjoy hassle-free connections from major UK airports, including London, Manchester, and Edinburgh, with direct flights to popular Spanish cities such as Barcelona, Alicante, and Valencia. Experience the ease of travel as you jet off to Spain's golfing hotspots, with ample time to perfect your swing and immerse yourself in the country's vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes.
Explore the regions of Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, and Costa Blanca within hours of leaving the UK, allowing you to revel in the Mediterranean charm and world-class golf facilities without lengthy travel interruptions.
With flights tailored to accommodate golf enthusiasts, your journey to golfing paradise becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience, ensuring every moment is dedicated to fulfilling your golfing aspirations and exploring Spain's captivating wonders.
Book your flight now to unlock a world of golfing adventures in Spain's most alluring destinations.
Say goodbye to long travel times and hello to a golfing getaway that exceeds expectations!


Spain - Weather Guide:
Play Golf Year-Round in Spain: A Weather Paradise for Golf Enthusiasts!
Experience excellent golfing conditions in Spain, where the weather offers an inviting embrace for golfers throughout the year. With over 300 days of sunshine, Spain provides an unparalleled golfing experience across its diverse regions.
Optimal golfing times in Spain are during the spring and autumn months, where the temperatures range between 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. Enjoy the perfect balance of warm, sunny days and comfortable, cool evenings, creating an ideal atmosphere for a fulfilling golfing escapade.
Spring and autumn also offer a vibrant backdrop of blooming landscapes and picturesque vistas, adding a layer of beauty to your golfing experience.
For those seeking a sun-drenched golfing adventure, the hottest months in Spain, from June to August, provide an exhilarating opportunity to bask in the Mediterranean warmth while perfecting your swing. With temperatures soaring to 35 degrees Celsius, indulge in early morning or late afternoon tee times to avoid the midday heat, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable golfing session.
While Spain boasts a generally mild climate, the coldest months, from December to February, offer a refreshing twist to the golfing experience, with temperatures ranging from 8 to 15 degrees Celsius. Embrace the cooler weather and explore Spain's golf courses against a backdrop of serene winter landscapes, where the crisp air adds an invigorating charm to your golfing journey.
Plan your golfing adventure during Spring and Autumn for an optimal blend of favourable weather and captivating landscapes. Immerse yourself in Spain's golfing delights while relishing the perfect balance of comfortable temperatures and stunning surroundings, ensuring an unforgettable golfing experience.


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