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In northwest Spain, we find the Costa Verde, a coastal area with a varied landscape on the Cantabrian Sea. Magnificent golf courses and hotels along the 350 kilometres of coastline give Costa Verde its name.
The Costa Verde is the perfect destination for golf holidays and offers plenty of alternatives for the golf lover. With its mild...
Costa Verde Golf Holidays
In northwest Spain, we find the Costa Verde, a coastal area with a varied landscape on the Cantabrian Sea. Magnificent golf courses and hotels along the 350 kilometres of coastline give Costa Verde its name.
The Costa Verde is the perfect destination for golf holidays and offers plenty of alternatives for the golf lover. With its mild climate, Costa Verde is an ideal place to play golf all year round, and the numerous golf courses offer a variety of challenges and stunning landscapes.
Are you looking to golf, unwind, recharge, and relax? Would you like to experience the beauty of nature in a beautiful setting? 
Llanes & Ribadesella are two picturesque coastal towns in the Costa Verde that are ideal for golf tourism. The stunning Picos de Europa mountains surround it, and several bars and restaurants overlook the beaches, marinas, and estuaries.
Bilbao is one of the most treasured cities. The charming Casco Viejo, the city's atmospheric old quarter, has trendy bars and charming streets. It boasts breathtaking architecture and a venerable dining scene at La Plaza Nueva's gran-courtyard, surrounded by lush green mountains and descending on the east and west banks of the Nervión River.
In contrast to the majestic mountain landscape and golden sand beaches surrounding Santander, the city stands in the centre of Costa Verde. The long and beautiful promenade that borders Sardinero Beach is lined with four and 5-star hotels and quality restaurants. 
For golfers, Costa Verde is an excellent destination for weekend golf breaks, with several nearby courses offering challenging yet enjoyable rounds. The city also has many parks, gardens and plenty of cultural attractions, making it the ideal destination for a short break.


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Popular Accommodations at Costa Verde:
Melia Bilbao has an elegant design in Bilbao, making it one of the city's most outstanding works of architecture. Just a few meters from the iconic Guggenheim Museum and the Euskalduna Palace, this 5-star hotel provides magnificent dining options and opportunities to enjoy the most authentic flavours in Basque cuisine.
Palacio de Luces is the best kept secret in Asturias. Between the Cantabrian Sea and the Picos de Europa, in a privileged natural environment, between wooded areas of yew, beech, cherry, pine and holly trees, it is the ideal place to break with routine, with 44 rooms, a gastronomic restaurant, large spaces for events, a hermitage from the 16th century, several terraces to enjoy the surroundings, a gym with the latest technology machinery, a spa with a sauna, a hammam, contrast showers, relaxation beds and a heated pool and treatment booth.
At the Gran Hotel del Sella, we have the room each guest needs; each category has its personality. They are convinced that your stay at the hotel will be memorable. You will be captivated by its "stately air" and welcoming, taking you back to the beginning of the 20th century, a time when certain members of the upper classes chose their destination as their summer residence.
Gran Hotel Sardinero is the perfect starting point for exploring Santander's cultural, leisure and business activities in a unique, reconstructed, renovated building in a desirable location.
The Eurostars Hotel Real, located in front of Playa de los Peligros, dominates the bay of Santander from the top of the hill it stands, surrounded by its gardens and enjoying the quietest and most emblematic area of ​​the city, between the old town and El Sardinero.


Weather Guide - Costa Verde:
Costa Verde boasts a diverse and favourable climate for golf enthusiasts, making it a premier destination for golfing adventures. Costa Verde experiences a tropical rainforest climate in a tropical region characterized by warm temperatures, high humidity, and distinct wet and dry seasons.
The best time for golfing in Costa Verde is during the dry season, typically from December to April.
During these months, the weather is generally sunny with minimal rainfall, providing ideal conditions for a satisfying golf experience. The temperature ranges from a comfortable 24 to 29 degrees, creating a pleasant environment for players to enjoy the courses. Golfers can take advantage of the dry and warm conditions to fully appreciate their game while surrounded by the lush natural beauty that Costa Verde offers.
The hottest months for golfing in Costa Verde are usually February and March. These months see the highest temperatures of the year, making it advisable for players to tee off earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the peak heat. Wearing appropriate sun protection and staying hydrated are essential during these months.
The coldest months in Costa Verde for golfers are typically July and August. While the term "coldest" is relative given the region's tropical climate, temperatures during these months might dip slightly, creating comfortable conditions for golfing without the intensity of the hotter months. This period can be a refreshing break for golfers seeking a more moderate climate to enjoy their rounds.
For golf enthusiasts planning to visit Costa Verde, the prime time to consider is from late November to early April. This span encompasses the dry season and thus offers the most optimal weather conditions for golfing.
Costa Verde's golfing experience is characterized by its tropical rainforest climate, which grants a dry season with optimal weather conditions for golfing from December to April. While February and March are the hottest months, July and August offer a slightly cooler alternative.


Travelling to Costa Verde:
Imagine pristine fairways, breathtaking ocean views, and a tropical paradise that will elevate your golfing experience.
Your journey to golfing bliss from the UK is just a flight away. 
Flights from the UK are usually direct into Costa Verde.
Flight times to Costa Verde usually average around 1 Hour and 45 Minutes into Santander and Bilbao.
Transfers are available everywhere; however, we can arrange transfers for you if you need them.
Travel time varies depending on where you're travelling from.
Pack your golf clubs, embrace the excitement, and get ready to tee off in paradise.
Your golfing adventure awaits – and the skies are calling!


After the golf:

Looking for the perfect way to unwind after a long day on the greens?

Look no further than Costa Verde!

With its vibrant nightlife scene, miles of pristine beaches, and rich cultural attractions, Costa Verde has something for everyone.

Experience the best of Costa Verde's nightlife with a visit to its many bars, clubs, and restaurants. Dance the night away or enjoy a few cocktails with friends - whatever your style, Costa Verde's nightlife has you covered.

And when the sun comes up, hit the beach and soak up the stunning scenery.

With endless options for swimming, surfing, sunbathing, and more, Costa Verde's beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world.

But there's more to Costa Verde than just its nightlife and beaches.

The area has many cultural attractions, including museums, galleries, and cultural centres. Immerse yourself in the local culture and learn about the history and art of this fantastic destination.

So why wait?

Book your trip to Costa Verde today and experience the ultimate golfing getaway.

With its unbeatable combination of nightlife, beaches, local attractions, and culture, Costa Verde is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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