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Golf Breaks in Wales at Celtic Manor

Wales Golf Breaks

Discover the allure of Welsh Golf Breaks, where the stunning landscapes of the United Kingdom provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable golfing experience. Wales, with its blend of natural beauty and world-class golf courses, invites you to embark on a golf break that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.
Wales Golf Breaks
Discover the allure of Welsh Golf Breaks, where the stunning landscapes of the United Kingdom provide the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable golfing experience. Wales, with its blend of natural beauty and world-class golf courses, invites you to embark on a golf break that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.
Immerse yourself in the charm of Wales' diverse golf courses, each boasting its unique allure and challenge. From the renowned fairways of Royal Porthcawl to the breathtaking terrain of Pennard Golf Club, Wales offers a diverse range of golfing experiences that promise to captivate and inspire.
After an exhilarating day on the greens, delve into the wonders of Wales, from its ancient castles and historic landmarks to its vibrant cities and picturesque villages.
Unwind in the comfort of golf hotels or luxurious golf resorts, where you can savour the flavours of delectable Welsh cuisine and immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of this beautiful land. Engage with the friendly locals, eager to share their stories and make your stay memorable.
Wales extends a warm welcome to golfers of all levels, providing options for seasoned pros and beginners alike. Whether you seek a challenging golf weekend, a leisurely golf getaway, or a family-friendly golf trip, Wales has something for everyone.
Elevate your golf break with the extraordinary beauty of Wales.
Plan your golf adventure today and uncover the perfect blend of nature, history, and golf that defines this remarkable destination


Popular Golf Courses In Wales:

Wales is home today to about 200 golf courses, many of them dating back much further than you’d think. The first Welsh golf courses opened in the late 19th century, and there is a course in the country in 2018 to suit every skill and experience level, as well as – of course – taste.
Our popular golf courses include:
  • Celtic Manor
  • St Pierre Golf Course
  • The Vale Resort and its 2 golf courses
  • North Wales Golf Course
  • Conwy Golf Course

Of all the places on the British Isles where you could conceivably tee off, you might not have given much thought to Wales – or at least, not until relatively recently. It was, after all, Newport’s own Celtic Manor Resort that hosted the 2010 Ryder Cup, and on two occasions before then – in 1987 and 2005 – Wales also emerged victorious in the men’s World.

St Pierre Championship Old Golf Course - Challenge yourself at a championship course that has hosted the Solheim Cup and many other European tournaments boasting six past Ryder Cup Captains as champions. Designed by C.K. Cotton, it opened in 1962. It was remodelled in 2008 by Ross McMurray and hosted the Solheim Cup and many other European tournaments - boasting six past Ryder Cup Captains as champions. 

The Vale Resort. For a four-star hotel and leisure experience nothing short of exceptional, the Vale Resort will not disappoint. Nestled away in over 650 acres of beautiful Welsh countryside, the Resort, with its 143-bedroom hotel, also encompasses two championship golf courses, Wales’ largest spa, an award-winning restaurant, and exceptional sporting facilities, making the Vale Resort one of the U.K.’s most desirable golf break holiday and leisure break destinations.

North Wales Golf Club is a true Championship Links course situated in the sunny seaside town of Llandudno with excellent views over the Conwy estuary to Anglesey and the Snowdonia Mountain range. We are sure you will find the course invigorating and challenging, offering an enjoyable experience for all levels of players.

The stunning location on the North Wales Coastline, combined with the challenging links Conwy Golf course, will provide a memorable experience for all golfers, and we aim to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and rewarding day. The course lies at the mouth of the River Conwy, overlooked on its South side by Conwy Mountain and on its north side, overlooking the Conwy Estuary and the Great Orme. 

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Popular accommodations in Wales:
You might expect us here at findagolfbreak.com to talk up Wales' golfing credentials to encourage you to browse our latest deals for holidays in both North Wales and South Wales.
However, you don't just have to take our word for it, as one study earlier this year found that golfers considered golfing holidays in Wales to offer a more prominent 'bang for their buck' than those in any other part of Europe – ahead of much more obvious destinations as Spain, Portugal, and Turkey.
  • Annan Hotel Llandudno
  • St. Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club
  • The Vale Resort
  • Celtic Manor Resort
The Annan Hotel Llandudno is an elegant, Detached Bed and breakfast hotel set within its grounds in a quiet location just a few minutes walk from the promenade and town centre. Established in 1945, Annan offers efficient service, friendly staff, and a warm welcome. 
St. Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club converted from a stately 14th-century Welsh manor on 400 acres of magnificent parkland in the Wye Valley. We are offering an unparalleled golfing experience and top-notch service. Explore our spacious, elegant guest suites, which offer contemporary comfort and quality amenities.
Nestled within a 650-acre private estate in the beautiful South Wales countryside, the Vale Resort is far more than your average luxury hotel. Their facilities are world-class, but we'd prefer you be the judge of that.
Choose a seriously stylish stay at our five-star Resort Hotel, featuring several floors of immaculately designed Celtic Manor rooms in the heart of the resort. Whether planning to party or need some laid-back luxury, you'll have everything you need. Step in a lift for restaurants, bars, and spas.


After the golf:
Play on one of Wales's most beautiful and scenic golf courses. Wales is home to over 140 golf courses, and many world-class layouts need to be on every golfer's bucket list. Wales' compact nature allows golfers to explore the country in a week and enjoy the stunning scenery in different regions. You can easily mix and match different golf courses, so you might play a links course one day and a championship course the next.
There are over 50 golf courses in the Northern area, two of which are in spectacular locations. Beaumaris Castle on the island of Anglesey and Conwy Castle on the north coast of the Principality. The great James Blade designed many golf courses in North Wales, but perhaps the best of them is Pulheri and Wrexham. The seaside towns of Lil, Prestatyn, and Llandudno attract thousands of people each year to offer quality golf tests. 
The golfing world turned to South Wales in 2010 when the stunning Celtic Manor Resort hosted the Ryder Cup. Located on the outskirts of Cardiff, Celtic Manor is a world-class facility and one of the reasons South Wales has become such a popular golfing holiday destination. In the Southerndown region, there are golf courses such as Pyle & Kenfig, Marriott St. Pierre, and Klein, the latter of which offers spectacular views over Swansea Bay.


Travelling to Wales:
International flights into Wales will be via Cardiff.
Transfers are available in and around Wales however, we can arrange transfers for you if need them.


Wales - Weather Guide:
Wales, known for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, offers a moderate ocean climate that sets the stage for an exceptional golfing experience amidst the country's picturesque greenery and well-maintained courses. With its mild summers and cool winters, Wales provides an inviting atmosphere for year-round golfing adventures, catering to players of all skill levels.
Golfers can enjoy optimal golfing conditions in Wales during the spring, summer, and early autumn. From May through September, the weather remains pleasantly mild, with temperatures ranging between 10°C to 20°C in most regions, creating an ideal setting for golfers to showcase their skills amidst the breathtaking Welsh landscapes.
The best time to plan your golf break in Wales is during the late spring and early autumn months when the weather is delightful, the courses are less crowded, and the natural beauty of Wales is at its peak. During these periods, golfers can appreciate the perfect balance of sunshine and comfortable temperatures, ensuring an enjoyable and invigorating golfing session amidst the country's rolling hills and stunning coastal views.
Wales experiences its hottest months from June to August, with temperatures occasionally reaching 25°C in some regions. Golfers may prefer tee times during the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the midday heat, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable golfing experience during the country's warmer months.
While Wales maintains a generally mild climate during the winter, the cooler months from December to February may witness occasional snowfall and temperatures ranging between 0°C to 10°C in most regions. Golfers can still enjoy the country's courses during these months, particularly in the southern areas, where milder temperatures prevail.
For the ultimate golfing adventure in Wales, consider planning your visit during the late spring or early autumn, when the weather is delightful, the courses are at their best, and the country's natural beauty is at its peak. 
Embrace the lush landscapes and inviting climate of Wales as you embark on an extraordinary golfing journey that seamlessly blends sporting excellence with the allure of this historic and captivating destination.


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