Whenever golf holidays in Portugal are mentioned, many people's thoughts instantly turn to the Algarve. That should be no surprise, given the latter region's outstanding assortment of courses and resorts that has deservedly earned it a reputation as one of Europe's finest destinations for golf enthusiasts.
However, it’s also not entirely fair if this means that other well-developed areas of the country from a golfing perspective are ignored. We are thinking, in particular, of the Lisbon and Cascais areas that increasing numbers of internationally-minded golfers are coming to appreciate as the steadily expanding reach of low-cost airlines gradually makes the region more accessible.
Far from just epicentres for the rich and famous 
If you have visited either of these cities before, you may associate them with certain things that have little to do with golf. Lisbon, for instance, will always attract history buffs and cultural vultures because of its remarkable heritage. The Portuguese capital is not only one of the oldest cities in Western Europe – predating other modern European capitals such as London, Paris and Rome – but is also one of the great global cities today.
Meanwhile, Cascais has long cultivated a reputation as a cosmopolitan haven for the rich and famous, particularly royals, with past residents including King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom, King Juan Carlos I of Spain and King Umberto II of Italy.
Indeed, Cascais’ image, in particular, may have been instrumental in developing the various luxury resorts and golf courses that have made these cities even more incredible destinations for pleasure seekers and those looking to improve their golf game.
Consider these unsung regions for your next golf holidays in Portugal 
Given its scenic beauty and reliable sunshine right through the year and the fact that international tournaments are held here regularly, it’s hardly a surprise that the Lisbon coast has become a significant focus for golf holidays in Portugal.
Such courses as Quinta da Marinha, Estoril Golf Club, Beloura, Penha Longa and Belas Club de Campos help to demonstrate why the Lisbon and Cascais areas are steadily narrowing the gap to the Algarve among the must-be-experienced international golfing destinations.
Why not peruse our currently available accommodation and tour options for these increasingly sought-after areas of Portugal today so you can begin extending your golfing horizons in this delightful country far beyond the more predictable Algarve hotspots?