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Los Lagos at Mijas Golf

Los Lagos Golf Course


Los Lagos Golf Course
Welcome to Los Lagos Golf Course, a golfer's paradise in the heart of Mijas Golf, Spain.
With its stunning landscape, challenging fairways, and impeccable facilities, Los Lagos is the ultimate destination for golf enthusiasts of all levels.
Los Lagos Golf Course is a masterpiece designed to provide a memorable golfing experience.
Immerse yourself in a challenging 18-hole layout, surrounded by the breathtaking natural beauty of Mijas.
Navigate through strategically placed bunkers that add challenge and charm to the course.
As the name suggests, their course is adorned with beautiful lakes that enhance the scenery and come into play on several holes, adding an extra layer of excitement.
Their meticulously maintained greens ensure a smooth and enjoyable putting experience.
Los Lagos Golf Course hosts various events and tournaments throughout the year.
Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual golfer, there's always an exciting opportunity to showcase your skills and meet fellow enthusiasts.
Ready to experience the thrill of Los Lagos Golf Course?
Book your tee time today and prepare for an unforgettable greens day.

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